WORKSHOP – Health 2.0 – innovation in hard & soft Technology

Ma 1 Sept
Innov. in Hard & Soft Techn.

Ma 1 Sept <br /> 13.30-14.30 <br /> Innov. in Hard & Soft Techn.

Gehost door: Celiane Camargo – Borges & Murilo Moscheta 

Over the last century technological innovations have dramatically changed the way we understand ourselves and our surroundings, which consequently have impacted our healthcare practices. A movement called Health 2.0 is growing in that direction. Initially, Health 2.0 was mainly focused on technology itself, such as search engines for data, clinical records and blogs, and as an enabler for healthcare information between health professionals and patients. Some authors, however, have already questioned the sole inclusion of the Internet as a revolutionary innovation in healthcare practices highlighting its limitation in producing the necessary changes, especially in what is called “soft technology” – the ability to relate and interact with clients in order to create participation and collaboration.  Those authors claim the need of combining hard techonology (equipments, digital platforms, etc) with soft technology in order to re-invent healthcare, such as challenging traditional hierarchical approaches, broadening forms of users’ participation in treatment, and interactive experiences among patients around the world.

The workshop will explain the movement and approach of Health 2.0 as an attempt to describe healthcare as a relational and collaborative practice, understood beyond the internet revolution, an approach in which participatory healthcare is the major aim, aspiring to reshape the system into a more collaborative and less dichotomous relationship among all involved.

Workshop is in English