As an academic I am also part of  the scientific community, conducting and publishing research. I love sharing my work creating new forms of conversations.

I am a peer-reviewer of a variety of Journals as well as  member of the Editorial Boards such as  Health & Social Change Journal , Revista de Psicologia em Estudo, Revista Eletrônica Saúde Mental Álcool e Drogas and World Future, The Journal of New Paradigm Research. 

You can enjoy here the collection of my publications in journals, newsletters, magazines and books.

The impact of COVID-19 on digitization in destination management

Short article on the “Impact of the pandemic on digitization of tourism” written with my colleague Corné Dijkmans, part of our Digitourism project funded by Interreg Europe.

A Collection of best practices on Public Space Initiatives

The Innovation Game. State of the Art Catalogue. Collection of best practices on public space initiatives.

Criatividade e imaginação: a pesquisa como transformação de mundo!

O artigo  discute a criatividade e imaginação na pesquisa, trazendo uma visão mais participativa, relacional e orientada ao contexto. Fundamentada em uma epistemologia de pesquisa como prática social, traz métodos da arte para fomentar a criatividade e imaginação.

Research as Innovation: An Invitation to Creative and Imaginative Inquiry Processes

The chapter describes research as innovation, providing a brief overview of some of the main distinctions between the scientific research tradition and research as a process of social construction. Illustrations from the field are provided.

Placemaking, Social Construction, and the Global South

This chapter defines Placemaking and articulates with community building. It outlines how Placemaking practices are translating social constructionist ideas into action. An illustration from the global south is provided, expressing the diversity and richness of the worldview of the global south, which embraces different races, religions, and cultures.

Exploring participatory action research as a driver for sustainable tourism

A more relational, action‐oriented research approach has the capacity to change our understanding of important existing knowledge and practices opening up for new configurations.

Social Construction and the Recovery of the World

More than ever the world needs a relational approach!
I have published at the The Taos institute Newsletter some ideas connecting the concepts of Social Constructionism with our challenging times.

Making Places and Shaping Destinations in Brazil

Placemaking and Shaping Destinations is an  innovative approach to destination development, connecting with stakeholders, with local culture and economical challenges in order to create more livable  and resilient communities.

Organizational Ethics

2019 Ethical Dilemmas in the Creative, Cultural and Service Industries. Routledge Publisher. Edited by Johan Bouwer
The book talks about ethical dilemmas in organizations and business.

A-ppreciating: how to discover the generative core

This chapter profiles the first phase of the Imagineering Design Methodology: A-ppreciating which is the first phase of a design project/research.

Social Construction: Premises and Practices – Working within the Global Context

This paper is about the online course I give on premises and practices of Social Construction. Facilitating this course gives me the opportunity to meet with global conversational partners, addressing a variety of issues from different perspectives. It fills me with energy to connect more with our Taos family and to continuously search for people around the world who are making positive changing through relational, collaborative, dialogic and appreciative practices. Click here to get access to the paper

Collaborative Design Research in Uganda: Strengthening Health & Health Services

Kristin Bodiford and Celiane Camargo-Borges: Brief Encounters with the Taos Institute April 2018 In the April 2018 Newsletter of Taos Institute – Brief Encounters with the Taos Institute,  Kristin Bodiford (Taos Associate) and Celiane Camargo-Borges (Taos Board Member) share their work on collaborative design research in Uganda. Click here to download the article.

Designing research with creativity: arts-based methods as a way to co-create with destinations

Camargo-Borges,C (2018). Designing research with creativity: arts-based methods as a way to co-create with destinations. Tourism Destination Management Insights (II), 9-11 Understanding the complexity of a destination is core when developing a new project or new interventions. Besides the understanding phase, there is also the phase of involving all the stakeholders, the assessment phase and so forth. Being successful in destination management is quite hard as destinations are full of complexities and local policies, local culture and values play a big role. Conducting research therefore become mandatory for tackling all the matters above. There are however many approaches to research in a destination. This article

Let’s the game begin: a glimpse on the meanings of remuneration in the hotel sector

SILVA, I. P.; CAMARGO-BORGES, C.; MENDES, D. C. “Que o jogo comece”: um olhar acerca da construção de sentidos sobre remuneração no setor de alojamento. Caderno Virtual de Turismo. Rio de Janeiro, v. 17, n. 2, p. 42-63, ago. 2017 DOI: The organizational discourse has lately placed a great focus on the value of people at work, considering them as a strategic element for the growth and sustainability of an organization. In this context, remuneration plays an important role in rewarding professionals for their performance as well as for their motivation within the organization (FLEURY, 2002). This research explores the

Narratives of Learning: The Personal Portfolio in the Portfolio Approach to Teaching and Learning

Leslie, P. H., & Camargo-Borges, C. (2017). Narratives of Learning: The Personal Portfolio in the Portfolio Approach to Teaching and Learning. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 18(6), 200 – 212. doi:10.19173/irrodl.v18i6.2827

Handbook of Arts-Based Research: Creativity and Imagination: Research as World Making!

Celiane Camargo-Borges. (2017),  Creativity and Imagination: Research as World Making!

Narrativas Estratégicas para a Mudança Organizacional: A perspectiva da Linguagem Poética.

Borduque, M. C. B. & Camargo-Borges, C. (2016) Narrativas Estratégicas para a Mudança Organizacional: A perspectiva da Linguagem Poética. (Strategic Narratives to Organizational Change: The perspective of the Poetic Language). Revista Nova Perspectiva Sistêmica. N.54, p. 17-28. Abril2016 AnoXXV. ISSN 01047841. Instituto Noos, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Reimagining the Purpose of Schools and Educational Organisations

Book Chapter: The Opportunities and Challenges of Using Digital Learning Environments in Educational Organizations.
Reimagining the Purpose of Schools and Educational Organisations.
Developing Critical Thinking, Agency, Beliefs in Schools and Educational Organisations.

Collaborative Group Practices, Exercising dialogue in a Healthcare Setting

Camargo-Borges, C. (2015) “Collaborative Group Practices, Exercising dialogue in a Healthcare Setting”. In Rasera, E.F. (ed.)  Social Constructionist Perspective on Group Work.  p.21-30.  Taos Institute Publications. ISBN: 13-digit: 978-1-938552-31-1 This is a book focused on different forms of group work influenced by a social constructionist sensibility. The constructionist touch in these different forms of group work shows the emerge of new possibilities that co-creation and dialogical interactions can bring.  The book is a combination of theoretical contributions and descriptions of constructionist concepts applied in professional daily practice.  Group work is shown as a potent form of intervention as well as

Renouncing Methamphetamine: A Relational Perspective

Nepustil, P. & Camargo-Borges, C. (2014) Renouncing Methamphetamine: A Relational Perspective. International journal of Collaborative Practices.

Bridging Research And Practice: Designing Research In Daily Practice

2014. Designing Research in daily practice.
Introductory paper for the AI Practitioner Journal V.16; N.3
Illustrations from Appreciative Inquiry in Doctoral Research

Construcionismo social: discurso, prática e produção do conhecimento

2014 – Book Chapter in Portuguese:
Em busca de uma formação integral e ampliada: construindo práticas colaborativas para o cuidado em saúde

Health 2.0 – relational resources for the development of quality in healthcare

Camargo-Borges, C., & Moscheta, M. S. (2014).

Dialogue, Imagination, and Co-Creation as Resources of Change

Social Constructionism in the Cofntext of Organization Development: Dialogue, Imagination, and Co-Creation as Resources of Change (2013)

Continuing education in the family health strategy: rethinking educational groups.

Rev. latinoam. enferm;21(4):997-997, Jul-Aug/2013.

Healthcare and group processes

Healthcare and the relationships between workers and the population (2012)

Collective healthcare practices

Collective Care Practices within the Family Health Strategy (2011)

Terapia Social: Desenvolvimento humano e mudança social.

Terapia Social: Desenvolvimento humano e mudança social (2010)

Da Autonomia à Responsabilidade Relacional: novas práticas em Saúde

Da Autonomia à Responsabilidade Relacional: Explorando Novas Inteligibilidades para as Práticas de Saúde (2008)

Sobre a não adesão ao tratamento: ampliando sentidos de autocuidado

About the (no) adherence to treatment: amplifying meanings of self-care (2008)

Relational Responsibility in the healthcare context

Responsabilidade Relacional Para A Participação Comunitária (2009)

Meaning Making in Healthcare Community Groups

Meanings on health produced in community groups (2006)

Social Networks in the Brazilian Healthcare System

Promoting social networks in the health care system in Ribeirão Preto/Brazil (2006)

A Psicologia e a Estratégia Saúde da Família: compondo saberes e fazeres

A Psicologia e a Estratégia Saúde da Família: compondo saberes e fazeres (2005)