I am an intercultural or multi-cultural person. I was born and raised Brazilian, moved as a young adult to England to learn the language and from there, in my typical mode of curiosity, I discovered a world outside of Brazil and have never stopped moving and exploring – after England, my next step was to the USA for my PhD and then on to Taiwan, Singapore and finally to The Netherlands. All these movements, and the intertwined experiences that have accompanied them, have given me the expertise to work with diversity within international teams, as well as to grow an international network where I collaborate developing projects for social impact in communities and organizations. I work at the interface of psychology, design thinking, imagineering, social innovation and life-long learning. I hold a Ph.D. from my native Brazil at the University of Sao Paulo in cooperation with the University of New Hampshire, in the United States.  I host and facilitate workshops where  individuals can come together and through active methodologies dialogic relations can be achieved, improving interaction and collaboration. As a researcher I work with participatory approaches of designing inquiry such as action research, arts-based research, narrative research and future-forming research.

My current academic and professional practice are focusing on designing conversations and designing research and you can see in this website my activities around these two domains.

Designing Conversations: I have projects with organizations and communities to support them coming together and have a better social impact. Depending on the topic and the contextual demand we develop a plan together. I host and facilitate workshops to engage, reflect and re-framing ideas and actions. One example is the Innovation Games in the region of Rio de Janeiro in which local youngsters are facilitated through play and games to develop their entrepreneurial skills while addressing the local challenge of developing a sustainable tourism in their localities. You can look into more examples of what I can offer here – Designing conversations.

Designing Research: As a researcher, I work with relational epistemologies such as Social Constructionism, Systems Thinking, and Complexity Theory where knowledge is emergent and context-related. I believe in pluralism in the social sciences integrating different ways of knowing to help tackle complex matters, such that multiple orientations to the research process can expand our understanding of the social world. With that believe, we don’t just produce knowledge but also create new practices. I coach and supervise masters and PhD students collaborating with different universities and institutions all over the world. To see more on that click here – Designing research.


Bellow some of the core of my current work:


I’m currently working at Breda University of Applied Science where I am involved in very innovative international Masters. One is called Imagineering. The Imagineering Master is a  Masters focused on designing solutions for complex matters.  The accent is on educating co-creative catalysts to ignite  change at a strategic organizational levels. I teach, coach and supervise students on different topics such as group processes, creative tools, dialogue, meaning making and some research methodologies. The other masters is called Tourism Destination Management, focusing on practice, perspectives and policies of tourism management at destinations. At this masters I teach context-related research and coach in team performance and creative leadership.

Besides these two masters I’m involved  at the Performatory, a special track on social innovation in which the students are getting educated to become social-entrepreneurial drivers. It’s all about: “How to make movements happen in the transformation-economy?” I’m also involved in a Minor course called Placemaking Shaping destination focusing on developing places and spaces to increase the livability of a region, helping creating resilient communities through sustainable business.

Furthermore, I am a Registered Educator at the National Institute in the Netherlands for the CRKBO (Dutch “Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs”).



As a Brazilian and passionate about my country, I’m still connected being part of many universities as a visiting professor, partnering with organizations and communities to develop cross-cultural work, publishing together and offering workshops in collaboration. I’m connected to many research groups  certified by a Brazilian governmental institute called CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development).

I also collaborate with  Co-Viva: a consultancy company focused on the power of co-creation to bring people together, develop common values and empower actions towards social innovation and social change in organizations.

Furthermore, my work on placemaking connects communities and NGOs in Brazil experimenting with innovative methodologies to support community development.


TAOS Institute: This is a non-profit institute, a community of scholars and practitioners engaged in developing and sharing social constructionist ideas. The institute is concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge and human value. I’m an associate of the institute as well as  member of the general Board of Directors and a member of the Taos Institute Europe. At Taos,  I’m a Ph.D supervisor, workshop facilitator as well an online  trainer.

Designing research: It offers a way of thinking about research with a social constructionist orientation. The goal is to build a community of practitioners from around the world and reach people who can be empowered with this research approach.

Team Together. This is a non-profit foundation working with communities in Uganda. We co-create projects together aiming at the  developing of healthier, safer and happier communities. We work closely with Hope for Youth Uganda a registered local NGO operating in rural communities with the mission to improve the quality of life for vulnerable children and young adults  providing of free basic primary education and Health Nest Uganda, focused on the  vision of having an empowered and pro-active community; which can effectively and efficiently respond to health related problems and other social needs.