As a researcher,  I coach and supervise Masters and PhD students in a diversity of Graduate programs in Europe, United States and Brasil.  I offer one on one and group trainings in relational research, Action Research, Arts-based reearch and other formats of innovative research.

At the Taos Institute I am the director of the International Diploma in Social Construction and Professional Practice where I am also one of the supervisors. If you are interested in developing a creative and innovative research with impact you should enroll at this program.

Let’s connect and see how can I help and support you in your research path.

Workshop – Research as Innovation

This workshop training was prepared for professors from the Ross University School of Medicine who are starting their research in medical education settings.

Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), Canterbury-England.

Ph.D supervisor at the PhD Program: Professional Practice: Psychological Perspectives at the Canterbury Christ Church University

Erasmus+ Grant: Visiting Scholar at Polytechnic of Leiria Portugal

With the grant of Erasmus Program of Scholars Exchange I had the opportunity to spend a week at the University in Leiria teaching and facilitating workshops.

Coaching, Change Management (Supervision), Counselling, Consulting, Organizational Development

two days workshop for coaches and consultants doing their masters degree in Switzerland.

Workshop: Future Forming Research

Future Forming Research – two days workshop for coaches and consultants doing their masters degree in Switzerland. Workshop in co-facilitation  with  Astrid Frischknecht. Organized by AEB – Akademie Fur Ervachsenenbildung – Click here for pictures 

Visiting Professor at the University in Brazil

As part of a collaboration program with my University in the Netherlands, I was invited to become a visiting professor at the UFPE – Federal University of Pernanbuco in Recife. In this position I will  be working with professors and students in their research and projects. In the month of October I had the opportunity to be there in person, giving a course to masters and PhD students from PROPAD (Graduate program of management). I also had the chance to participate in an International Seminar sharing my experience in didactical methodologies. Amazing experience! Click here for some pics

Workshop: What makes a “good” relational research? Validity and ethics in the context of the relational research paradigm

What makes a “good” relational research? Validity and ethics in the context of the relational research paradigm Facilitators: CELIANE CAMARGO-BORGES, LENKA FORMÁNKOVÁ When adopting a relational research approach there is a shift bringing new alternative assumptions to the notion of validity and quality in which research can be assessed. In this workshop we aim to discuss validity and ethics of research inquiry in relation to the conceptions of knowledge as construction. The participants are invited to share their research experience and co-create together the new understandings of research ethic and validity in the context of the relational research theory. Date: 12

Workshop: New Directions in Therapeutic Research. Madrid, Spain


Editor of a Special Journal issue: AI practitioner

The AI Practitioner is an international journal focusing on positive relational approaches to change such as Appreciative Inquiry. Each issue is filled with articles by leading thinkers, professionals and active practitioners in the field. This is the first time the AI Practitioner will feature research from a Ph.D. program. Our hope is that this issue will serve as a useful illustration of the ways in which practice and research are united to support positive change. The focus will be on bridging theory and practice as it relates to Appreciative Inquiry. Taking such a focus on Appreciative Inquiry will be of