Here you can find all kinds of research projects I worked with and some that are currently being developed. The projects run from healthcare to community building, education and organization. The communality among them is that they are all collaborative and creative intercultural work  where I embrace the relationship between theory and practice.

Have a look and and see how I work with research projects.

Six weeks Online SC course – introduction to Social construction

With such a world in flux, how can we engage with places, people, and systems to generate relevant resources, practices, and knowledge, thereby fostering a flourishing society? To tackle this pivotal question, a new logic needs to be adopted, a paradigm that embraces the dynamic, diverse, and uncertain world in which we live. If we aspire to innovate in systems, we need more creativity, an abundance of imagination, and methodological innovations that can generate both novel practices as well as new theoretical insights. This is just a six weeks course on Social Construction and relational approaches.  Learn more at:

Digitourism Project: Improving Digital Realities Strategies

Many business intelligence surveys demonstrate that Digital Realities (Virtual reality and Augmented Reality) are becoming a huge market trend in many sectors, and North America is taking the lead in this emerging domain.

Imagineering as Designing for Emergence and Some Implications for Education and Research

This is a project with the goal to make Imagineering Design Methodology visible beyond the Imagineering Academy as well as showing its translation to the field of education as well as research.

Co-creating empowerment through storytelling and photovoice – UGANDA

The Uganda project is a partnership with two NGOs – HealthNest Uganda and Hope for Youth Uganda The objectives of the project are: ONE: To discover Uganda through the eyes of its people, establishing a long-term collaboration with Health Nest Uganda, Hope for Youth Uganda as well as the Nkumba University in order to generate collaborative knowledge among all parties. TWO: To set up an intervention with the youth of Uganda. With this intervention we are trying to motivate the youth to realize their strengths and potential. In this intervention we will use the following tools, photovoice, storytelling, appreciative- and

CNPq research group Brazil

Brazilian research group: Psychology, Health Care and Social Constructionism This is a research group composed by professors, researchers and students in Brazil interested in exploring the process of meaning making in a varied of Institutional and community contexts. The group is certified by a Brazilian governmental institute called CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development). Grupo de pesquisa: Psicologia, Saúde e Construcionismo Social Desde 2009 sou membro do grupo de pesquisa: Psicologia, Saúde e Construcionismo Social, certificado pelo CNPq. O grupo é composto por professores e alunos e se foca em processos de produção de sentido em psicologia e