Ancestral worldviews strengthening our understanding of sustainability – Bocaina

We recently had a meaningful meeting with the traditional communities of Bocaina, in Brazil’s coastal region of the Atlantic forest. We discussed the premiere of our upcoming documentary and the continuation of our partnership.

Breda University – Buas –  has been fostering a partnership with these communities through the support of the Observatory of Sustainable and Healthy Territories (OTSS) and the Forum of Traditional Communities. One of the outcomes of this partnership is a documentary that explores the intertwined relationship between nature and culture. Our hope is that this film will spark inspiration and encourage us all to rethink our lifestyles for a more sustainable planet.

Collaborating with a community that embraces such deep ancestral wisdom is truly special. It is so relevant for us to partner with a community that embraces a holistic and ancestral knowledge that can enrich our academic knowledge and efforts towards a sustainability transition.  The traditional peoples of Bocaina live by the ethos of ‘Bem Viver’—a holistic way of living in harmony with nature. Their profound insights into human-nature connections remind us of the importance of interconnectedness in our journey towards sustainability.

Some pictures of our work together: Click Here

And a short video to watch: