Innovatie in ICT & Onderwijs


Talk #2: Relational Technology

My talk will offer alternative ways of looking at learning processes, specially collaborative methodology, which is more suited for the new demands of the 21st century, an era in which the global landscape, internationalization and the technology revolution are reshaping the educational landscape.
In this context students have to be prepared not just to learn the content of the field but also in mastering a portfolio of fundamental competences.
Technology can help with innovation in the education but should be seen beyond hard technology. Soft technology or relational technology will be introduced as an important tool to develop new scenarios where learning can be more experiential and developmental, intertwining content with practice and personal/collective experiences.
Soft technology can facilitate the creation of a collective group in which the ideas of learning-by-doing, experimentation, creativity and interaction take place. Also it holds the assumption that learning is more effective in a collaborative environment, enabling trust and meaningful experiences, appreciative questioning and reflexivity.
Students also become more reflexive and use their experiences of the professional environment within the educational sphere and vice versa, making the entire experience a continuous cycle of learning.
This approach empowers students as they have an active role in creating new possibilities and embracing decisions that can lead towards a more desirable future.

Location: Hogeschool Rotterdam
Organizer: Kennismanagement
Link for more informatiion: http://www.hbo-i.nl/agenda/docentendag/