WORKSHOP: Research 2.0 Amsterdam, Netherlands

23rd November  2013

Amsterdam – Seats2Meet (Beur van Berlage)

In partnership with Kristin Bodiford

The project:

Me and Kristin Bodiford have teamed up to develop an online community building resource focusing on relational and collaborative forms of conducting research. Through this platform we hope to offer a way of thinking about research with a social constructionist orientation, as something organic, co-creative, embedded in daily life and work, and as transformative. Our goal is to build a community of practitioners from around the world and reach people who can be empowered with this way of thinking about research.

In addition to the online aspect we are also organizing workshops to gather people together to learn and share their own experiences with this approach on research.

We invite participants to bring in their own work and interests to connect relevant contexts with the topics being offered. We share and support each other around our projects or areas of inquiry that we are interested in learning more about in the context of your own research/practice.

Check our platform: Designingresearch.com

The Workshop:

This three day workshop focused on research as social practice, offering a relational approach with interactive methods. Through collective performances and the discussion, research scenarios was constructed, linking theory and practice as an innovative way of producing knowledge and new possibilities.

We had 15 participants from all of the world who shared their passion and inquiry with the group.

Have a look at their wonderful faces and work: Research 2.0 – workshop