Workshop Customer Journey map – Norway

Customer Journey Map for Digital Realities – workshop

Customer Journey maps is an oriented graph that describes the journey of a customer by representing the different touchpoints that characterize his/her interaction with the service. It is a methodology to help organizations to understand better what are the needs and wants of a customer as well as to get to know interactions they make with brand and with other business.   Each customer journey map can be framed differently depending on the intended learning goals. However the greatest utility of it is tocapture customer’s attitudes, emotions, thoughts and doings, showing customers‘ experiences across touch points. Identifying the touch points help you in improve their experiences and the connection with your services/products.

This workshop was given in Norway, Lillehammer to a group of professionals in tourism. This is part of a bigger European project called Digitourism, funded by Interreg and aiming at improving policies in different regions in Europe in order to foster tourism innovation in Digital realities. My co-facilitator Jessika Weber is also part of the project and together we facilitate a variety of workshops to support the partners to work together and  create their learning community.
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