Symposium in Brno Czech Republic: Horizonty 2013, November 29-30.

The first Czech and Slovak symposium on collaborative and dialogical practices was organized and facilitated by Narativ: group of young psychologists, therapists and students from Brno. „Transgressing borders“was the title of the event and the aim
was to establish a platform where local dialogical and collaborative practice can be introduced and discussed.

I had the privilege to attend the main guest and co-facilitator, contributing both by a introductory speech on creating participatory spaces and by a workshop on research as social inquiry.

Leoš Zatloukal and Pavel Vítek from nearby Olomouc (organization Dalet) introduced their way of coaching that interconnects solution-focused and collaborative approach and Lucie Cizkova together with Peter Bach Lauritzen talked about using appreciative inquiry in small projects in Prague. Other small presentations included topics of communication during the prenatal period, psychosomatic medicine, reflecting teams, case management and collaborative teaching.

As a very interesting experiment, there was a conference call connecting Brno and Merida, Mexico where Rocio Chaveste Gutierréz from Kanankil Institute organized a live
consultation led by her student. There was a reflecting team at both sides and even if there needed to be translation from Spanish to English and vice versa, the process went smoothly and in sync with the theme „Transgressing borders“.


clique here for some pics of the event!