Podcast: What Can Social Constructionist Practice Offer in Times of Uncertainty?

In this podcast, we talk about how the ideas and practices of social constructionism are even more relevant in times of Covid.
Some of the reflections we discuss in this podcast are:

  • Why is this orientation of social construction even more relevant and urgent today?
  • What are we observing about the blurring of boundaries between research and practice?
  • With physical distancing, our connections and collaborations and relationships have taken on new forms, how is that working? What’s uplifting about this new form? What are we learning?
  • What’s the simplest social constructionist practice that we can embody or model?
  • Beyond COVID, we are also living with increasing unrest, tensions and protests across the world. We are calling for social justice, black lives matter, climate change, democracy and governance, political reforms, systems reforms, economic equity, compassion and help for suffering migrants, refugees, the homeless and more.