#WE COMMIT United Nation Civil Society Manifesto for Nairobi, Kenya


#WE COMMIT United Nation Civil Society Manifesto for Nairobi, Kenya. Embarking on a Natural Experimentation Journey of Learning in Parelheiros, São Paulo, Brasil

United Nation Civil Society conference: our manifesto of commitment

The UN Civil Society Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, is collecting experiences from all of the world related to our commitment to a brighter future to the planet. Our team – Breda University, University of São Paulo, Federal University of São Carlos and some artists and entrepreneurs – made our commitment. We got immersed for a weekend in the nature of Parelheiros, a  region in southern São Paulo that boasts the last remaining green belt amidst challenges posed by real estate speculation.

Here, local farmers are pioneers in crafting innovative projects aimed at preserving the Atlantic Forest while offering visitors an immersive nature experience.

We came together for a weekend retreat to learn, grow and make our commitment. By exploring the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, delving into the art of agroforestry, and discovering the PANCS (non-conventional edible food) we learned and shared.

The culmination of our collective efforts was the creation of a manifesto—our shared commitment to sustainability and environmental care. This manifesto is finding its way to the UN civil society conference in Nairobi, amplifying our voices and aspirations on a global platform.

Together, we are not just learning; we are shaping new ways of understanding and  living and harmoniously with nature.

Some pictures of the weekend here: Click Here