Placemaking, Social Construction, and the Global South

Camargo-Borges, C.; Ferragi, C. A. (2020). Placemaking, Social Construction, and the Global South.
Published at the book: The SAGE Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice, in which I had the pleasure to be one of the editors together with Sheila McNamee, Mary Gergen and Emerson Fernando Rasera.
This chapter connects and articulates placemaking with social constructionism,  offering an illustration from the Global South, showing how placemaking practices are translating social constructionist ideas into action. We argue that the process-oriented focus on placemaking and the emphasis on emergence articulate really well with the philosophy of social construction. This chapter also aims at expressing the diversity and richness of the worldview of the global South, which embraces different races, religions, and cultures, all co-existing in a syncretism which produces local knowledge. All these combinations can value and hold the epistemological diversity that the world needs, bringing a more creative and innovative approach to community development as well as new ways of knowing, embracing knowledge as plural and holistic.

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