The Narrative Matrix

This year I was inspired by my Ph.D. student Paul Leslie who is writing a thesis on Narratives of learning using a e-portifolio approach to teach and learn and then I decided to apply some process oriented reflection  at the discipline I teach in the Imagineering Masters.

Based on a lifelong learning approach I created an assignment called The Narrative Matrix,  where the students had to develop a matrix of their learning throughout the discipline.

A  matrix is a network of lines (in our case, concepts and tools that cross one another to form a series of nodes that interconnect to each other. With each location in the framework there are some information. For example, a chess board is a matrix in which every square contains a specific item of information.

The students had to  make a interconnection of the learning goals of the discipline, with their wishes, needs  and expectations and match with the final outcome.

At the end  they provide a portifolio of  concepts, resources and tools to use as a professional as well as to help them with the final  exam.

The Narrative Matrix is a powerful portifolio of learning in which the students have a very visual material of their learning process, being able to see the the full picture as well as understanding the interconnection of concepts and how to use them.