Training in stakeholder mapping and analysis

Stakeholder Mapping and analysis is the technique that can be used to identify the key people and organizations that you have to relate for your  project or your organization.
Through this mapping you can understand who are the people and the organizations that are most involved and/or most important to you.It is also about engaging the right people in the right way, establishing a relationships that can bring support for the success of your project.

Some of the benefits of mapping your stakeholders are(besider getting to know who they are)

  • To understand their views and expectations,
  • To be able to create a communication channel to relate to them more successfully
  • To increase the chances of their support to you,

In this workshop I guided the participants through some basic stepsto create their map and to understand who their stakeholders are and how close of distant there are from them.


 First step:
Identifying the stakeholders individually and in silence

Second step:
Converge and discuss –   Sharing with the team

Third step: 
Making connections – how do the stakeholders make a network

Fourth step:
Discuss the map as a whole and discover the connections and also the perspectives each of them might have.

The workshop, besides creating a map of the stakeholdersit also helps the team to become aligned with the project by talking about the core of it, the demands and how to involve their main actors.

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