Editor of a Special Journal issue: AI practitioner

The AI Practitioner is an international journal focusing on positive relational approaches to change such as Appreciative Inquiry. Each issue is filled with articles by leading thinkers, professionals and active practitioners in the field.
This is the first time the AI Practitioner will feature research from a Ph.D. program. Our hope is that this issue will serve as a useful illustration of the ways in which practice and research are united to support positive change. The focus will be on bridging theory and practice as it relates to Appreciative Inquiry.
Taking such a focus on Appreciative Inquiry will be of major interest to AI practitioners seeking to improve their practice as organizational leaders, change agents, researchers or consultants
This special journal issue issue will be published in August of 2014. A selected group of students, who have completed the PhD, have been invited to present their research to a practitioner readership.
The research will have wide appeal since it comes from different sectors and several countries.