South Moravian Wineries

In my last business trip to Brno, the Narativ group ( brought me to the wonderful landscape of South Moravia to taste the local wines.

There is nothing more culturally enriching then explore a region with locals.

I was there with four Czech people visiting a friend whose’s parents own a winery. The village of Hustopece is full of local wineries, mot of them in the back of family’s houses. Very cozy with a bucolic atmosphere ….

But more importantly than learning about the Moravia’s climate (widely continental but with occasional maritme influences when weather patterns blow in from the Atlantic), topography (relatively dry and sunny), main grapes ( Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gwurstraminer and Riesling)
it was to learn about people. We were received by the whole family who told us their history, their business but also made us try all their wines.

After the tasting, the mother set the table with delicious Czech snacks, more wine and a great conversation about their culture took place.

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