Soft Technologies – collaborative methodologies for organizational learning processes & resources for engagement

This course was a 3 full day workshop on understanding the power of technology, focusing on soft/relational technologies in the development of innovative approaches for Organizational learning processes. The course also offered practical resources to be applied in the daily life of an organization aiming at more relational responsibility and engagement.
The first day of the course was about giving the big context of our contemporary society and the need for organizational change. Topics such as globalization and technology revolution were part of the contexto. Furthermore, new management approaches were introduced, embracing the concepts of relational leadership, dialogue and relational responsibility.
The second day was about offering innovative methodologies as resources for action. The design approach was presented as a method for dealing with complex situations The approaches of Imagineering, Co-creation and Dialogue were introduced inviting participants to envision engaging actions in their own working contexts using theses resources.
The third day was about strategic didactis for an engaged and creative organization/classroom. Concepts such as Experience learning from Kolb and Circles of learning from Gergen were offered as ideas that are potential to be implemented when developing courses or interventions.
Throughout these three days’ special attention was given to the role of hard Technologies and soft technologies in learning organizations.

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