Research project NUFFIC-CAPES

Research project NUFFIC-CAPES


Brazil and The Netherlands united in research and practice

NHTV and the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) have been research partners for already six years through the NUFFIC/CAPES projects. The last two years the group is engaged with the umbrella topic: “Creative Economy in Tourism, Culture, Sustainability and Destination Identity: a study on Northeastern Brazil based on the Dutch experience”. This research project has an integrated research agenda based on an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach and on exchange of scholars and students.

This month, NHTV is receiving three Brazilian professors from this project: Lilian Wanderley,  Debora Dourado and Josete Santos. They are researchers from the Management Studies Graduate Program of the University in Brazil. On the 4th of October, an encounter involving many NHTV researchers from all Academies happened at sibeliuslaan. The group discussed current projects being developed as well as future possible ones, initiating a dialogue on the opportunity to conduct research in Brazil having NHTV students as well as lecturers there.

From the pictures you can see how the group is growing, embracing new colleagues and creating new joint researchers from the ADE, AfT and AfL academies.

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