Research as Innovation & Collaborative Action Research

Here you have a conversation on two different  papers published on creative, collaborative and imaginative principles of research. The authors present and critically discuss the challenges and opportunities to conduct participatory research that embraces creativity and imagination to co-create knowledge.
This conversation features two publications:
Camargo-Borges, C.; McNamee, S. (2020). Research as Innovation: An Invitation to Creative and Imaginative Inquiry Processes.
Ottar Ness and Dina von Heimburg (2020). Collaborative Action Research: Co-constructing Social Change for the Common Good.
From the book: Sheila McNamee, Mary M. Gergen, Celiane Camargo-Borges, Emerson F. Rasera (editors). The SAGE Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice. SAGE Publishing. 696 pages.