NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences Institutional visit to CoViva, Brasil – May 2016

12th May 2016 Visiting Co-Viva  São Paulo – Brasil

IMG-20160516-WA0027On Thursday, the 12th of May, we spent our day with the team of Co-viva (http://www.co-viva.com/), a consultancy and training agency based in Sao Paulo and working with the Imagineering principles of design and co-creation. The founders are alumina of the Imagineering academy in Breda  – Clara Bianchini and Itamar Olímpio.  Zare Ferragi is another member of the team and has been recently to NHTV giving a workshop on non-violent communication.

In the morning we visit their space at Vila Madalena where we discussed how we can collaborate better in developing courses together and in bringing more visibility to topics such as co-creation, Imagineering, collaboration, social innovation, sustainability and destination management to Brasil. I see them as a kind of “our local office”  – a way to expand our network in Brazil and create a community of like minded people in those topics.

Clara invited us for lunch at a collaborative space in the neighborhood of Pinheiros. It is a compound of four houses and each of them with one type of collaborative business: a co-working space (house of working); a restaurant where different people can book to cook every week (house of food); a washing place (house of bubbles) and a space of workshops and trainings (house of learning). We also had a tour at the four houses learning a bit about their business model and way to engage the locals in their business.

It was inspiring to spend the day with co-viva and experience some of what São Paulo is offering in terms of collaborative and creative initiatives.

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