Making Places Shaping Destinations – Social Entrepreneurship in peripheric communities

The video is an illustration of a small project developed as part of a collaboration between Breda University, University of Sao Paulo, the NGO Ibeac and the farmers from “Acolhendo em Parelheiros”, São Paulo, Brazil.   Parelheiros is a neighborhood of São Paulo containing great natural importance, however with high poverty and inequality. The goal of this project was to support the development of social entrepreneurship in the region. Students and local stakeholders engaged together envisioning possible products and experiences to strengthen their current rural tourism projects, giving more visibility to them.
One interesting activity they run in this region is called “Acolhendo em Parelheiros”.  Everything started when some local  farmers got inspired by a french initiative named “Accueil Paysan” which creates farm circuits to let visitors experience what it is to live in nature, to do organic farming, to live in sustainable ways, etc.  This area of São Paulo created the “Acolhendo em Parelheiros” as a  local version of the French initiative.
In this joint project we developed with them the concept “Plante uma Semente”(plant a seed). It is related to the formation of a school program in which children would have as part of their curriculum learning about nature by being in nature. The region of Parelheiros would receive the kids to inspire them and to teach them about sustainable planting, living and eating. The main idea is to  make this program available for public schools, since often times the funding is missing there and the students don`t have the opportunitie to learn outside of school. The concept and the program was envision to enable every child to be able to enjoy learning about sustainable farming first hand, no matter their background. Plant a seed wants to lay a foundation for future generations to care for the world, nature and sustainable farming.