Let’s the game begin: a glimpse on the meanings of remuneration in the hotel sector

SILVA, I. P.; CAMARGO-BORGES, C.; MENDES, D. C. “Que o jogo comece”: um olhar acerca da construção de sentidos sobre remuneração no setor de alojamento. Caderno Virtual de Turismo. Rio de Janeiro, v. 17, n. 2, p. 42-63, ago. 2017

DOI: www.dx.doi.org/10.18472/cvt.17n2.2017.1084

The organizational discourse has lately placed a great focus on the value of people at work, considering them as a strategic element for the growth and sustainability of an organization. In this context, remuneration plays an important role in rewarding professionals for their performance as well as for their motivation within the organization (FLEURY, 2002). This research explores the construction of meanings in remuneration, from the perspective of the hotel sector workers and participants in the fanpage “Escravos da Hotelaria”. A qualitative study was carried out, based on the social constructionist theoretical framework with contributions of netnography as a method. The analysis of the data explored the metaphors present in the fanpage, in order to understand the complexity of the topic and to show how the participants interact and react by showing irony and humor. The research concludes that, in “the game of remuneration”, metaphor used in the platform, the hotel workers has no opportunity to negotiate the rules and therefore no possibility to win what is considered like a dream, but as one of the worker said “it is still worth dreaming”, which shows a sense of hope in the collective.
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