International Conference – Performing the World, New York City

International Conference –  Performing the World, New York City


I had the privilege to attend the International conference Performing the World in New York City last September. The event gathered professionals and practitioners from all of the world, such as performers and performance scholars, psychologists and social workers, physicians and nurses, educators and youth workers, community organizers and activists, and all others for whom performance offers a new kind of tool in their human development, community building and political organizing work.

I was invited to present two workshops: one on research entitled “Collaborative and Participatory Research to Create New Possibilities in the World” together with professor Kristin Bodiford from the Dominican University in Chicago; and the second one on education: (Re)creating Learning and Development in Higher Education with Play, Performance, and Improv”  together with expert-educators in the United States and Canada: Tony Perone, Marleah Blom, Carrie Lobman and  Jim Martinez.

The Performing the World Conference is an international gathering to explore & celebrate performance as a catalyst for human and community development and culture change, and thereby, to create a new and more humane world.”

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