Innovation and Change Processes: Social Construction and Design Thinking

This interactive workshop discussed  the principles of the Constructionist-Design Research framework,  a transformative approach that integrates the theory of social construction with the powerful tools of design thinking. The workshop presented the Constructionist Design Process, providing a structured framework for fostering creativity, transformation, and innovation.

Experience an interactive workshop divided into two essential segments. The first segment delved into conceptual aspects, introducing a relational theory of systems. The second segment offered a hands-on, practical experience, allowing participants to apply the concepts in their unique contexts.  Participants engaged and  expanded their perspectives, learning some tools to drive meaningful transformations in their professional and personal spheres.

Key Workshop Highlights:

·       Appreciating – Co-Creating Expanding Perspectives: Emphasis on relational processes as a catalyst for transformative thinking.

·       Framing and Reframing: Develop skills in framing and reframing challenges, fostering innovative solutions.

·       Meaning-Making: Explore the significance of meaning-making in the context of design thinking and social construction.

·       Staying in Uncertainty: Learn to navigate uncertainty and provoke new organizational structures. Create new articulations, combinations, and configurations within the system, offering opportunities for transformative change. Move beyond merely providing answers, and delve into the exploration of possibilities.