Experience design Course – Manchester metropolitan university

6th,7th,8th November 2015, Manchester, England.
Together with Suzan Lindhout and Frank Crucq we facilitated a 3 full days course for the masters students at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), in England.
The students engaged in a multidisciplinary approach, learning in practice concepts of imaginering, co-creation and experience design. The workshop was hands-on, having commissioners from Manchester presenting real life assignments to be developed during these 3 days.
We worked with 36 Master students from all over the world in three days, one fantastic location, 2  clients, 6 assignments, one program with 4 phases.. We dive into a great challenge.  We created an open and co-creative learning environment where we open up for diversity, meaningful relationships with a lot of interaction to get as much creativity in the room as possible. In  an innovative and creative environment, the students learnt how to work as a group and how to develop the Imagineering design methodology in order to  develop an experience concept.
The workshop was part of the larger program at MMU called Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise and it was delivered by the collaborative agreement between NHTV University of Applied Sciences and the Metropolitan University.
The overall experience was captured in this small video.
For pictures: click here