Experience design course – Imagineering Masters

On the 11th , 12th  and 13th of October 2016 another Experience Design course happened. This time the facilitators were: Suzan Lindhout, Marcella van Eijndhoven, Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen and Celiane Camargo-Borges.
The participants, Imagineering Master students, had three challenges to work on using the Imagineering design approach. One was related to the art space where the course happened – Cultkitchen – “Design a market-oriented experience concept, which stimulates Cultkitchen’s sustainable existence and which involves several stakeholders.” The second one was about Dow, specifically in the Workplace Services department (WPS) in which they want to implement a new office concept called workplace 10.0.  The challenge was: Design an experience to inspire and engage the facility managers, leaders and people working in the current settings to use the workplace 10.0, and more importantly, be happy to work in a new environment. This experience should help the people to implement, embrace and use workplace 10.0 in a meaningful and desired way.” The third challenge was in the context of a museum, the Het Hof van Nederland. This  is a place of national historical significance, a place that laid the foundations for the independent Dutch Republic, the predecessor of our current Netherlands. The challenge was: Come up with a compelling experience concept which in its roll-out will amplify the (personal) experience for the visitors at Het Hof van Nederland.
The participants spent three days co-creating knowledge and practice in context, using the collective creativity of the group and the ABCD model of Imagineering to come up with an experience for each challenge.
We were in a great inspiring place in Breda called cultkitchen. (http://www.cultkitchen.nl/CultKitchen%21/CULTKITCHEN.html)
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