How can we inspire people in organizations, help them to become aware of hidden patterns leading to issues and then into action, co-creating better forms of working and living?
Experience can tap into that!
People need to experience in order to become engaged, in order to embrace ideas and move forward with them. Knowledge with no human connection or application does not engage individuals.
Experience Design is an approach that promotes and provokes new experiments, new configurations of ideas, and new stories through doing and feeling.  Experiences are not simply created for their own sake, but through them you create possibilities for more willingness and open actions, transforming specific topics or areas of concern.
The method promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, collective creativity and awareness of group dynamics and processes.
We had a successful Experience Design course with the current Imagineering Masters students at the Cultkichen, an art studion, in Breda, The Netherlands.
The Imagineering Experience Design Course is a three day course posing real challenges to be solved through the creation of unique experiences, designing solutions that can be immediately translated into practice.
Click here to watch the Experience Design Course video.