Intercultural learning: Breda University of Applied Sciences & UNIRIO exchanging experiences

Students from  Breda University of Applied Sciences partner with UNIRIO

November 27 – December 12, 2017

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For three weeks, 19 students from the Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands will be working on sustainable tourism, developed in partnership with UNIRIO. From the day of arrival, November 27 until December 12, when they will return to the Netherlands, several activities will be carried out under the coordination of the UNIRIO professor Michelle Sampaio (responsible for the discipline Sustainable Development). One of the most expected actions by students is the one that will be developed in the municipality of Silva Jardim, in partnership with the Movement Silva Jardim Sustentável.

According to Professor Michelle, the goal of the project is to build effective partnerships that will provide the creation of innovative and sustainable ideas that bring the greatness of diversity to UNIRIO. “The idea is to share knowledge. They are students of different cultures, of courses of different areas, but with the same purpose. This all stimulates creativity and learning, “he said.

Celiane Camargo Borges of Breda University of Applied Sciences explained that at the university there is a great deal of concern for students to acquire global knowledge with local sensitivity. “Our university has a strong international orientation; 75% of our courses are in English; 18% of our students are international. Leaving the Netherlands and coming here demands a more globalized knowledge of what the world is, than they are different cultures, and at the same time, they have to understand the local sensitivity, what the context of Brazil is about, which only works in Brazil, “she explained.

For a Dutch student in Urban Development, Daan Sanders, the experience is already incredible. “It’s being very interesting because we’re learning together with the difference. In the Netherlands, we have a concept of sustainability applied in other contexts, in another reality. I believe that together we can have a broader notion of what sustainability is, “he said. (by Liliana Glanzmann Vallejo)