Digital Learning Festival – Design across Cultures

A Digital Festival: Brazil-Netherlands

With the ambition to design an international education where students don’t necessarily need to travel; an education where students evolve cultural sensitivity by being exposed to differences; an education where a learning community can support the creation of innovative solutions for complex societal problems, we developed the Digital Learning Festival.

 Through the blending of digital and physical elements, this festival promoted collaboration across cultures, connected experiences, and fostered local and global social innovation. With hybrid and online events, we had conversations about internationalization, sustainability transitions in education and research, opportunities for exchange, and also social entrepreneurship. All the sessions generally had around 30 participants, which was a success.

Together with the festival, we had a design sprint – one day and a half working with 20 participants from Brazil and The Netherlands and the incubators of both universities on the topic of “Emergent technologies and knowledges (saberes) contributing to the design of smart(er) universities”. Participants presented possible solutions as well as a manifesto about the university of the future.

The final celebration had music and drumming from a great Brazilian artist living in the Netherlands, Júlio Pimental: See the video:

Some pics of the week: Click Here