Design Sprint: emergent technologies and knowledges (saberes) contributing to the design of smart(er) universities

One approach to designing our global future together involves connecting to a network of cross-cultures and cross-borders, inspiring individuals to comprehend and to embrace the diversity of the world and its knowledge. By doing that we engage participants, create a community of learning and thus co-create inclusive solutions for various matters.

Over two days, participants from Breda University

and the University of São Paulo collaborated in a hybrid setting, leveraging their international mindset, fostering cross-cultural exchange, and promoting transdisciplinarity to tackle pressing, complex issues. The design sprint had as a general topic:  Glocalization: Bridging Global Issues with Local Solutions and in a trans-domain learning community. The question given to the participants was: How emergent technologies and knowledges (saberes) might contribute to the design of smart(er) universities?

We work with some core principles and creative methodology: Development of International Mindset: Participants are encouraged to bring diverse perspectives and insights with them. This international mindset allows for a rich exchange of ideas and promotes creative problem-solving on a global scale. Cultural Exchange: Cultural diversity is essential for innovation. This design sprint provides a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning. As you collaborate, you  gain a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures. Transdisciplinarity: Many global challenges require multifaceted solutions. Students from various academic backgrounds work together to address complex

issues. By breaking down silos and integrating knowledge from different fields, participants develop comprehensive solutions to global problems. Constructionist-Design Framework: the work is inspired by the framework of Constructionist-design,  with a variety of design and innovative tools to solve complex issues as a team.

HAve a look at the manual to learn more about our Design print: Click Here

Have a look at this video to experience a bit of what the Design Sprint looked like