Course on “Exploring Relational Theory and Practice”

In this course, together with my colleague Ken Gergen, we discuss relational theory and practice. This course taps on the shift from the traditional focus on individuals to the relational processes that are co-produced.

This 6-week online course introduces common premises and orienting ideas central to relational theory. The course consists of six modules with online conference meetings, readings, videos and online dialogues.

On the first call the conceptual framework of relational theory will be developed. This will be followed by five additional conference calls to explore the material from each module. During the week, participants will be asked to do the weekly reading, watch relevant videos, and connect with their inquiry partner/s for that week.


  • Week 1 – Module 1: Relational Theory: Why Now?
  • Week 2 – Module 2: The Mind as Relationship
  • Week 3 – Module 3: Multi-being: Ourselves with Others
  • Week 4 – Module 4: Dialogue: In Theory and Practice
  • Week 5 – Module 5: Putting Relational Theory to Work
  • Week 6 – Module 6: Relational Ethics in Action

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