Collaboration on innovative methodologies: Toolkit for Design Research & Interventions

Toolkit for Design Research & Interventions is a  publication with a collection of tools and methods for innovative research and/or interventions. It is a collective effort of Breda University colleagues working with such design research methods and innovative tools for interventions.

This little book, in combination with the matching, has the aim to help students as well as professionals interested in expanding their resources when working in a research or in a project, using interactive approaches in which communication, collective creativity and co-creation can be triggered.

The selection was inspired by the Imagineering design approach, which is also introduced and defined in the book.

Each tool comes with a description of how to use the method and a QR code that links to a knowledge clip that illustrates the method being used in a real-life case.

The production was directed by Sandra van Lohuizen and Margo Rooijackers and the work, choices and compilation of the tools was an effort of various NHTV Academies with the coordination of Margo Rooijackers (Academy for Leisure), Celiane Camargo-Borges (Academy for Tourism), Geoff Marée (Academy of Hotel and Facility management), Jessika Weber (Academy for Digital Entertainment) and Hans Brink (Academy for Urban Development, Logistics & Mobility)

If you would like to have more information or a copy please contact me!