Co-designing Education: the Imagineering Approach

The Educational Institution is still predominantly functioning under the modernist paradigm in which the focus is on the transmission of knowledge, very hierarchical, linear and cognitively centred. While this might have been a good approach to train people during the industrial revolution it doesn’t make sense anymore in the technology revolution, in the society 3.0 we are living now.

There is an urgency of other ways of teaching and provision of learning environments that are aligned with the needs of the 21st century.

At the Imagineering Academy and the Performatory, we work with a curriculum that enable a more relational, collaborative and interactive educational system, embracing the needs of all involved. This approach  questions and inquires the meaning of education in a personal and contextual perspective.

Imagineering is about designing for emergence, inspiring transformative experiences. Translating to the context of education we could say that every designed learning moment is about designing an experience that leads to transformation (learning).

Bringing illustrations from the two educational programmes that are created within the Imagineering design approach,  the workshop explored and discussed some concepts and tools that enable a co-creational education.

For the exploration questions such as: “How to co-design and co-create education in which the values and needs of all the social actors can be included? How can we design experience-based learning in classrooms? What is the role of a community and how do we create, stimulate, influence, manage or lead a learning communities?” were asked.

click here for some pics of the workshop!