Brazilian Bites: Cross-cultural and knowledge exchange between Brazil and The Netherlands

The Brazilian bites is a collection of events happening throughout the year bringing professionals and acacemics working in a Brazilian context. They present their cases, studies and stories in different formats and for all types of audiences.
All these Bites have the aim to expand the network in/with Brazil while providing new perspectives to our interdisciplinary Making Places & Shaping Destinations minor and research line. Furthermore it helps with our field work in Brazil which focuses on developing places in innovative and sustainable ways, making those territories healthy to live as well as an attractive destination for visitors. This year’s the field work will focus in  Silva Jardim and Tubiacanga (communities in Rio de Janeiro region) and Perus and Parelheiros (communities in the Sao Paulo region). Participants will work together with local stakeholders to create social entrepreneurship while preserving the region, all this in close cooperation with our partners in both regions.
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